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It is a new year, and many of us need a fresh start with our homes. A spring home refresh entails thorough cleaning, decluttering, and organizing those closets and cabinets we have been putting off, as well as adding some lovely touches of bright, floral spring accents. Today, I’m sharing some tips to help you efficiently and proactively refresh your home this spring season.

Spring Home Refresh | Cleaning, Organization, & Decor

Spring Home Refresh | Cleaning, Organization, & Decor - Cyndi Spivey (1)

Spring | Cleaning Finds

For me, spring cleaning is all about deep cleaning the entire house. I want to find products that are both efficient and effective. These washer fresheners and cleaning tablets are a great way to clean your washer with minimal effort. Another easy-to-use product is thisall-purpose cleaning paste – it removes stubborn stains and can be used on just about any surface.

These items are here to make your life easier and get your home all clean and fresh!

Spring Home Refresh | Cleaning, Organization, & Decor - Cyndi Spivey (2)

Electric Cleaning Brush | Washer Freshener & Cleaner | Foam Glass Cleaner | Dishwasher Cleaner | Carpet Spot Remover | Granite Cleaning Spray | Damp Duster Sponge | Fabric Steamer | Shark DuoClean Vacuum | Microfiber Cloths | All Purpose Cleaning Paste | Wool Dryer Balls | Toilet Bowl Scrubber

Spring | Home Organization

While cleaning my home, I also love finding new ways to get organized. A cluttered home brings unneeded stress into your home and life, and there’s no better feeling than having a home/placement for everything. It makes finding and keeping track of things that much easier, not to mention you might find items you thought were lost or didn’t know you had in the first place!

A cute way to display your spices or oils is on aclear turntable – easy to access and a great way to elevate your kitchen. This plastic bag holder is a great place to keep all those loose grocery bags. This electric water filter pitcherholds fifteen cups of water, and the filter lasts five times longer than others!

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Soda Can Organizer | Plastic Bag Holder | Electric Water Filter | Over the Door Organizer | Glass Storage Containers | Reusable Cable Ties | Glass Jar Organizers | Facial Tissue Dispenser | Reusable Rug Tape | Lazy Susan Turntable | Clear Kitchen Bin Organizers | Kitchen Sink Organizer | Cord Organizers | Under Sink Organizer

Spring | Home Decor

Saving the best for last! Now that we have all the cleaning and organizing, it’s time to give your home a fresh look with spring colors and prints. There’s nothing more satisfying than revamping your living space for the new year, and these are some of my favorite finds. I love adding blue and white florals to my space, and this large area rug is perfect (I have it in my dining room)! It’s neutral enough to pair with existing decor, but the small pops of blue are a nice touch of color. This wreath is almost identical to the wreath I have hung in my kitchen, and I love the life it brings to the space.

One of my favorite ways to elevate my home is adding a large accent mirror – placed in the entryway above a sideboard. Mirrors are great for giving off the illusion that your space is larger than it is, as well as brightening everything up. Spring home decor is all about finding pieces that brighten your space for a more inviting feel!

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Key Holder | Decorative Ginger Jar | Candle Holders | Wreath | Gold Bird Statues | Candle | Gold Tissue Box Cover | Ottoman Tray | Coasters | Clear Coffee Mugs | Clear Vase | Faux Cheery Blossom Branches | Bamboo Wall Mirror | Sideboard | Ginger Jar Lamp| Area Rug | Accent Chair | Blue Floral Pillow | Gold Floor Lamp

Have you started your spring cleaning/refresh yet?

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Spring Home Refresh | Cleaning, Organization, & Decor - Cyndi Spivey (6)


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Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!

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Spring Home Refresh | Cleaning, Organization, & Decor - Cyndi Spivey (2024)
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