Don’t we all love home tours? So while I’m putting the finishing touches on this year’s spring tour I thought you would like to see last year’s spring decorating ideas and a home tour! By now I’ve had enough snow and cold weather! I’m so excited to share a slice of pretty, fair, flourishing spring!

This post contains affiliate links. That means when you click on some of the links in this post and you make a purchase I earn a small commission at no cost to you. All my opinions are my own.

You can find lots of sources for furnishings in our home at the bottom of this post.

Today I’m sharing my spring home in a BIG spring tour! And what a difference a year makes. There are some big and lots of small changes we have made to Tanglewood!

Here are some pretty spring ideas to inspire you!


And no matter where you are coming from I’m so happy you are here! Please feel free to look around!


I usually start in at the front door. But for the last couple of weeks, we have had workers here adding sconces to our foyer, working on millwork in our tiny powder room, and more!

So our long foyer is scattered with tools!

I was able to snap a couple pics in between workers!

At the end of the foyer where it meets the great room, we added a bookcase. I really wanted shelves to decorate and something that had a little more heft!

I like mango wood for its light color and warm undertones!

It was fun to add a bit of the season to this new piece!

Because our home is so open we don’t have a lot of walls to put a bookshelf on. When I saw this piece I liked the windowed sides because it does not look too heavy for the foyer!

It came from a beautiful local shop and I’ll soon have links to order this piece! Yay! I love local shop owners who are willing to create online sources!


At the end of the long foyer is the great room or living room!

Our home gets tons of light and even on dark days this room is bright! I love to spend time reading here.

This room is wide and narrow. For the first time since we moved in 17 months ago I can say this looks like my home!

We lived in StoneGable for 24 years and I had my decorating style down! I had to grow into the Tanglewood House! Decorating is a process. And sometimes a long process! I feel it has taken 17months to find my style here!

We furnished most of our home with things we took from StoneGable. And over time we replaced some of the furnishings with things that worked better in this home!

All the great room furniture came with us from StoneGable. The addition of curtains and a new rug made such a difference.

When it comes to seasonal decorating I use an edited approach. A little goes a long way!

I’m not one for heavily layered seasonal decor.

The coffee table has my favorite tray on it with white pots of faux ferns and candles.

Ferns remind me of spring!

These ferns are faux, but they look pretty real, don’t they? I love realistic faux flowers and plants!

Here’s a post about HOW TO MAKE FAXU FLOWERS AND PLANTS LOOK MORE REALISTIC. There are lots of tips for buying the best faux blooms and plants!

As the weather gets warmer the pillows on my sofa change too. I love light fabrics for spring and summer decorating. This spring the pillows are lighter in color too!

I used to choose pillows without any thought about how they would all work together. They were pretty but when I put my pillows together they really did not have a cohesive look. So I rethought my pillow strategy and started thinking about buying pillows in collections.

What a difference! The pillows on my sofa aren’t distinctly springy but they are lightened up and work together.

HOW TO CHOOSE PERFECT PILLOWS is a post that will help you choose pillows for your home.

And here’s another pillow post you will love, 5 NO-FAIL PILLOW ARRANGEMENTS FOR A SOFA. Let’s get creative with our spring pillows!

Aren’t these black soapstone rabbits handsome fellows? They are a nod to Easter which is coming soon! These dapper boys make me smile. I’m not a cutsie decorator so you will not see any adorable bunnies in my home!

They sit on my Curlacue chest. This chest is one of those rare pieces of furniture that when I saw it I just had to have it. If I were a piece of furniture I’d be the Curlacue chest!

The Curlacue was a splurge and I’ve loved it every day since it has come to live with me! It was so worth it!

Do you know what decor you should or should not splurge on? CLICK HERE to see a very informative post that can help you when it comes to decor you should splurge on and when you should be more frugal.

The mantel is decorated lightly for spring. A tall vase holds branches just budding with green leaves. Shhh, they are faux too!

Simple wooden candlesticks give this mantel a relaxed feel. If I had to coin an adjective or two for my style it would be relaxed elegance. I love the juxtaposition of transitional furnishings that look comfortable and welcoming!

The longer I decorate the more I’m convinced that there is great beauty in simplicity and restraint!

Just one branch is enough!

You might like to read LESS IS BEST DECORATING. This post will help you edit your decor to be just perfect!

The white buffet is one of the pieces that came from StoneGable that works at Tanglewood. And I’m so glad it did!

I like to put seasonal flowers on this buffet! For spring I put faux tulips in a natural wood vase.

Did I say I don’t do cutsie?

Well look what I forgot…

There are quite a few really nice decor stores in Lancaster County. And I get a lot of my accessories and and accent pieces there. The stretching bunny is a sweet example!

I don’t like cute decor but he was not just cute. He is whimsical!


Our dining room is really a dining area. The one thing I miss about an open concept home is the lack of a designated formal dining room. I used my dining room!

The open space in our home lends itself to entertaining. So I’ve traded a formal dining room for a more relaxed way of having a houseful of guests.

Instead of big multi-course dinners, I now have fun buffets. I’m looking forward to Easter this year. I like the idea of an Easter buffet!

I keep decorating in the dining area very basic!

But that does not mean it can’t be pretty and spring infused!

The centerpiece on the table is a trio of white ribbed pottery vases with a few springs of forsythia (faux) in each vase.

The number 3 is magic! Decor looks amazing grouped in threes! This is such an important interior designer secret to know! I’ve broken down this concept and have lots of ideas using this magic number in your decor. See THE RULE OF THREE.

And what is prettier than three things? Three spring things!

Did you notice the open windows? When I was taking pictures the outside temperature was 60! And 60 is glorious! Both the temperature and the age!


My kitchen is a workhorse! It gets messy! Because it is also be seen from several rooms in our home I like it to stay tidy and neat!

I don’t like a lot of decor on my kitchen counters but I do like a bit of spring in every room.

On one of my counters I’ve been growing herbs. It’s perfect for spring snipping to add to dishes when I’m cooking!

Make sure you check out the KITCHEN SPRING TOUR for lots of images and ways to add spring to a kitchen.

Let’s leave the dining area and head to the sunroom.


The most laid back room in our home is the sunroom. This little room lives large!

It’s too early in our area for the trees to bloom. But when they do the whole country golf course we live on is replete with pinks and white flowering trees! It is truly something to behold. And we can behold it out our windows!

This spring I added new denim blue pillows to our sectional along with our neutral ones!

If you have a sectional you might like HOW TO STYLE PILLOWS ON A SECTIONAL.

The coffee table holds another trio.

The vase of tulips, the vase with fern fronds, and a little nest. See what I mean about the rule of 3?

I brought up the animal print chair from the basem*nt and will use it here in the sunroom for awhile. My basem*nt is a virtual wonderland of chairs! For some reason I collect inexpensive chairs!

This slipper chair is so so comfortable. But its stay might be short lived. Another chair (splurge) will be coming to stay soon and I think it will go right where the animal print chair is.

A real fern sits on a little low table beside the slipper chair. I think I have had this fern for over a year. That is a record for me and plants! I’ve turned over a new leaf, pun intended, and am taking good care of this happy fern!

The bar cart in the sunroom also works as a makeshift bookshelf or a place to decorate!

Here’s a look at these little iron birds with big feet.

I get asked often where our tv is. You can see a sliver of it in this picture.

We have it hanging on the wall with a chair under it. This is such a space saver! Now you know!

The sunroom, although small, lives large! Do you have a small room in your home? I have a few tips and designer secrets for HELPING A SMALL ROOM LIVE LARGE and you can see the sunroom last spring in this post too.

I hope you have enjoyed this Spring Home Tour. Stop back next week to see a couple bedrooms dressed up for spring!

Your next stop on our Spring Tour is It All Started With Paint. My friend Linda is waiting for you! Her home is a real beauty!


Here are the decor in our home I can source. When products are no longer available I tried to find the ones that were similar.

You can sign up to be notified when out-of-stock items are back in stock. I’ve done this with several things I’ve wanted for my home and was able to get them.


You can see the curtains in the great room and dining area HERE.

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