Pennington County Warrant Search (2024)

1. Warrants Division - Pennington County, South Dakota

  • This program allows you to turn yourself in on your warrant by coming to the Warrants Division, Monday through Friday (excluding Holidays) between the hours of ...

  • The Pennington County Sheriff's Office Warrant Division is commanded by Captain Taylor Sperle and includes a Sergeant, three Warrant Deputies and four administrative support staff. A warrant is a process used to get an individual to appear in court and is usually generated for one of two reasons. A warrant is issued as the result of an investigation in a criminal case; whereas a bench warrant is usually issued by a judge for either failing to appear as promised or failing to pay a fine. Warrants are classified by the State Legislature and are done so by the severity of the crime and the ultimate penalty. The classifications are: Petty Offense, e.g. (No seat belt); Misdemeanor, (e.g. speeding), Felony, (e.g. burglary). Bonds are required on all warrants to ensure court appearance and can range from a 'no bond' warrant to a bond for the amount of the original charge. Often, a bond in the amount of the original charge can be handled without going to court by signing a power of attorney which allows the Clerk of Courts to enter a plea of 'guilty' and the bond is then forfeited.  For any questions concerning warrants, bonds, or the self turn-in process you can call the Warrant Division or, if after hours, you may request to speak with a Deputy Sheriff. Self Turn-In If you have a warrant, there is a possibility that you can take care of it without having to be taken into immediate custody. The Pennington County Sheriff's Office has developed a self turn-in program. This prog...

2. I Have a Warrant - Pennington County Sheriff's Office

  • Contact the Pennington County Court Administration Office at 218-684-7000 to make arraignments to appear in front of a Judge; or Report to Court Administration ...

  • Warrants

3. Felony Alerts - Pennington County, South Dakota

4. Current Inmates - Pennington County, South Dakota

  • Jail · Inmate Bail · Inmate Commissary · Inmate Visitation

  •   Inmate Charge & Bond Information    THIS IS THE ONLY INMATE SPECIFIC INFORMATION AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC.   This list is updated every 15 minutes.   Click here for information about Bond Types.   Release times are for reference only and actual processing times may vary.  

5. Pennington County Sheriff's Office - Home Page

  • I Have a Warrant · Pennington County Inmate... · News · Services

  • Welcome to the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office home on the internet, I am Sheriff Ray Kuznia. The Sheriff's Office is located in Thief River Falls, the county seat of Pennington County, Minnesota. Our Office is here to keep Pennington County safe by enforcing laws, providing public safety services, and building community partnerships.

6. Pennington County Warrants & Arrests Lookup! - South Dakota Arrests

  • Finding warrants and arrest records in Pennington County, South Dakota! Whether it's a warrant search or an arrest inquiry for Pennington County, SD, ...

  • Can the police help with a warrant search and arrest inquiry in Pennington County, South Dakota? Learn about this and more here…

7. Most Wanted - Pennington County, South Dakota

  • A Felony Arrest Warrant has been issued for Kayden Chalmers charging him Manslaughter – Reckless Killing, Reckless Driving, No Drivers License, and Disorderly ...

  • << Law Enforcement Division HomeIf you observe one of these subjects or have knowledge of his/her whereabouts, please do not approach.Please contact the Pennington County Sheriff's Office at 605-394-6117, the Rapid City Police Department at (605) 394-4131 or the nearest law enforcement agency if you have any information which would result in the arrest of this individual,Or you may use the contact us link on the left side of this web page.

8. Warrant Resolution - Pennington County, South Dakota

  • If you or someone you know has an active warrant in Pennington County, please call 1-800-262-2149 and speak to someone about opportunities for resolution.

  • If you or someone you know has an active warrant in Pennington County, please call 1-800-262-2149 and speak to someone about opportunities for resolution. 

9. Sheriff's Office - Pennington County, South Dakota

  • Law Enforcement - Whether it's serving civil papers or warrants, patrolling Pennington County, or investigating crimes, our Law Enforcement Division is always ...

  • The Pennington County Sheriff’s Office serves over 100,000 citizens spread across Pennington County’s 2,776 square miles.  We also serve a high number of visitors and tourists to our area as Pennington County is home to Mount Rushmore National Monument and Ellsworth Air Force Base. Our Office employs over 400 employees with an annual budget of approximately $30 million. The Sheriff's Office is divided into the following four divisions: Addiction Services- provides safe places for individuals struggling with the difficulty of addiction. The Care Campus houses the Detox Center, Safe Solutions, and the Crisis Care Center. We also host individuals through various treatment programs in our Residential/Outpatient Treatment facility. We currently have a capacity of about 147 beds. Jail - We are very proud of the fact that our 624 bed jail complies with the national standards set by the American Correctional Association (ACA), which safeguard the life, health and safety of our staff and individuals incarcerated within our jail. Western SD Juvenile Services Center (JSC) - JSC helps our detained youth with programs designed to enable them to make wise decisions for a positive future. JSC is a 6 county compact that is operated by Pennington County. JSC is ACA accredited and has a capacity of 106 beds. Law Enforcement - Whether it’s serving civil papers or warrants, patrolling Pennington County, or investigating crimes, our Law Enforcement Division is always...

10. Active Warrant Search in South Dakota - Outstanding Arrest Warrants

  • Some of these counties are Custer County, Fall River County, Clay County, and Pennington County. The US Marshals Service has a task force division in South ...

  • Active Arrest Warrants in South Dakota. Free Warrant Search. What happens after you are arrested for an outstanding arrest warrant in South Dakota? What is the criminal justice process?

Pennington County Warrant Search (2024)
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