Garden Grove Unified Summary - (2024)

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Garden Grove Unified Summary - (4)

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Child and Youth Safety
Bullying and Harassment at School
Foster Care
Gang Involvement
School Safety
Children with Special Health Care Needs
Characteristics of Children with Special Needs
Access to Services for Children with Special Needs
Family Structure
Education & Child Care
Student Demographics
Early Care and Education
Pupil Support Services
School Climate
School Attendance and Discipline
Math Proficiency
Reading Proficiency
High School Graduation
College Eligibility
Emotional & Behavioral Health
Children's Emotional Health
Disconnected Youth
Youth Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Use
Youth Suicide and Self-Inflicted Injury
Family Economics
Family Income and Poverty
Housing Affordability and Resources
Physical Health
Health Care
Physical Fitness


Garden Grove Unified Summary - (2024)
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