Behr Sculptor Clay Vs Revere Pewter (2024)

1. Revere Pewter and Sculptors Clay - Houzz

  • Sep 20, 2017 · Sculptors Clay by Behr is basically the same color as Revere Pewter. I would disagree. Sculptors Clay is the closet color match Behr has to ...

  • I'm trying to paint my house from afar and have seen a lot of people mention that Sculptors Clay by Behr is basically the same color as Revere Pewter. Has anyone color tested them in real life and felt the same? It is a close thought for the new paint color in this room and the foyer (you can see th...

Revere Pewter and Sculptors Clay - Houzz

2. Perfect Greige Paint Color: Behr's Sculptor Clay - Oak & Grain Home

  • Jul 20, 2023 · This is a great way to compare different shades with their exact hexadecimal color code side by side. Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter. Sherwin ...

  • Want a versatile base for fun accents or neutral palette? Behr Sculptor clay is the perfect greige paint color for any style!

Perfect Greige Paint Color: Behr's Sculptor Clay - Oak & Grain Home

3. A BM Revere Pewter Alternative - Life…The Hall Way |

4. Is there a Sherwin Williams equivalent to BM Revere Pewter? - Houzz

  • Aug 11, 2016 · I also tried Collonade Grey but it was more gray than Revere Pewter. My mother is currently having her home painted Behr Sculptor's Clay which ...

  • I really like the Revere Pewter, but would like to take advantage of Sherwin Williams sale this weekend. Thanks!

Is there a Sherwin Williams equivalent to BM Revere Pewter? - Houzz

5. SCULPTOR CLAY PPU5-8 | Behr Paint Colors

SCULPTOR CLAY PPU5-8 | Behr Paint Colors

6. The Painting Begins | Life…The Hall Way

  • Jan 26, 2014 · Sculptor Clay really does seem to be a dead ringer for a lot of the Revere Pewter pics I've seen online. What finish paint did you use? The ...

  • The office began the first room to be completely painted yesterday.  I had painted the trim last week and we painted the walls yesterday.  We went with the same color we repainted our last house shortly before we sold it – Behr’s Perfect Taupe (PPU18-13).

7. Best Greige Paint Colors | 15 Shades of Greige Paint

  • Jul 27, 2020 · Behr Sculptor Clay – with an LRV of 55 ... or cool and is one of my favorite greige colors by Behr. ... Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter – Revere Pewter ...

  • Greige paint is the perfect marriage between gray and beige and can quite possibly be one of the best neutral paint colors for your home!

Best Greige Paint Colors | 15 Shades of Greige Paint

8. Closest equivalent Behr Paints to "Revere Pewter" by Benjamin Moore

  • Benjamin Moore. Behr. Revere Pewter View paints that match Revere Pewter · Sculptor Clay View paints that match Sculptor Clay. Please note that the colors you ...

  • These are the closest Behr paint color matches to Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore

9. Entryway before and after (beige to GREIGE with Behr paint!)

  • Jul 29, 2014 · I honestly could tell very little difference between Revere Pewter and Wheat Bread – the Revere Pewter may have looked just a hint greyer and ...

Behr Sculptor Clay Vs Revere Pewter (2024)


What Behr color is similar to Revere Pewter? ›

Paint Colours. (L)Behr Sculptor Clay Versus (R)Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. Night view of the similar color match. We agreed on liking the Behr color more!

What color is Behr Sculptor Clay? ›

Sculptor Clay PPU5-8. A pleasant neutral beige with slightly perceived particles of brown, and most of all - an earthy color.

Is Revere Pewter outdated? ›

Regarding your walls, no, Revere Pewter isn't outdated and still has a place in the average home – as long as the home has good natural light.

Is Revere Pewter more gray or beige? ›

Revere Pewter is a warm, gray paint color with green undertones. It looks best in spaces with lots of warm natural or artificial light and can look gloomy in cool or low-light situations.

What color is similar to Revere Pewter but lighter? ›

Agreeable Gray (LRV 60) is lighter than Revere Pewter (55) by approximately one shade. This bit more depth is one thing that contributes to Revere Pewter looking a bit warmer at times.

What is the most popular greige color? ›

Most Popular Greige Paint Colors
  • Revere Pewter. HC-172.
  • Edgecomb Gray. HC-173.
  • Classic Gray. OC-23.
  • Natural Cream. OC-14.
  • Balboa Mist. OC-27.
  • Pashmina. AF-100.

What color does clay look like? ›

Most pure clay minerals are white or light-coloured, but natural clays show a variety of colours from impurities, such as a reddish or brownish colour from small amounts of iron oxide. Clays develop plasticity when wet but can be hardened through firing. Clay is the longest-known ceramic material.

What color is Behr in the moment? ›

Behr In The Moment paint color is a peaceful blue-green hue that is perfect for creating a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere in any room.

What is 2 shades darker than Revere Pewter? ›

The living room and dining room have a chair rail – we painted Galveston Gray (2 shades darker than Revere Pewter) on the lower portion.

Is Revere Pewter still popular in 2024? ›

IS REVERE PEWTER OUTDATED OR STILL TRENDY? Going into 2024, we'll be seeing warmer shades – not just on our walls but on kitchen cabinets as well. However, regarding the gray world, warm grays like Revere Pewter will have more of a lifetime than cool, light shades of gray.

What compliments Revere Pewter? ›

Simple touches like white trim color and light blue accents work beautifully with Revere Pewter to bring all the colors of the coast straight to your bedroom. This is also a great paint color to accentuate kitchen cabinets where it offers more depth than a pure white paint color.

What is the Glidden version of Revere Pewter? ›

Glidden's Fossil Grey is almost identical to the Revere Pewter.

What Sherwin Williams paint is close to Revere Pewter? ›

Revere Pewter and Accessible Beige have the same undertones but as you can see they are different in so many ways. That's why picking grays are so complicated. Check out these two links where I talk more in-depth about Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter and Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige.

What is the difference between BM Collingwood and Revere Pewter? ›

COLLINGWOOD. Revere Pewter is a warm gray, but that's the only thing it has in common with Balboa Mist and Collingwood. Both of these shades lean into a violet undertone, which goes in the opposite direction to Revere Pewter's earthy green hue.

Is Accessible beige lighter than Revere Pewter? ›

SW Accessible Beige vs BM Revere Pewter

Accessible Beige is just a bit lighter than Revere Pewter, which has an LRV of 55.

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